Why was detail kings West CREATED ?

Back Story

On Sep 25th, 2017 Dallas Vaughn Owner and Operator of Detail Kings West was in a tragic car accident that nearly ended his time here with us. After spending months in the amazing University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center surrounded by the best Doctors in the world were they worked Day in and Day out working on Dallas to get him to stable health were they could eventually send Dallas to Kernan Rehabilitation center in Baltimore were Dallas continued his hard fought journey with working with some of the best therapist that eventually got Dallas from barely being able to move to a wheel chair to a walker. After all of the hard work and blessing that came to Dallas he wanted to make his 2nd chance at life something no-one would ever forget and that he wouldn't take for granted he wanted to help the community he wanted to give back to the hospital that took care of him the doctors the nurses his favorite doctor that he still communicates with to this day Dr..Tom Scalea physician-in-chief of the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. Dallas knows what it feels like to just need that helping hand so him and his awesome dad aka pops came up with Detail Kings West were not only do they help the community make donations to the University of Maryland Shock trauma center, Making strides against Breast Cancer, Helping a family in need for thanksgiving. They also give jobs to the younger men in the community not to only make sure they are making an income but to empower them and give them knowledge so we can all make an impact on Baltimore City. Now ask your self this does your car wash produce amazing quality work and actually make a difference in the community ? Come see us today at 4112 W Northern pkwy Baltimore MD 21215.

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